By Andrew Hill 18 Oct, 2017


A very quiet and thoughtful day today.

Got up at a reasonable time and made my own breakfast, tomatoes on toast and then started to do a little on pc

Then walked down the garden with Avelia to measure up the space taken by the summer house and hot tub as contemplating some changes here.

Took the opportunity to dose the hot tub as may attempt to have another dip this weekend if I feel up to it.

Avelia then went to work and unlike other days when I have been left alone, I behaved, 20 mins or so on the computer then just lying down in the conservatory.

I got in to deep thought about what the future looks like and when certain milestones should happen etc, this did me no good at all as I got both depressed and angry.

I quickly decided That I am no where near in a position to be able to think about those things so I have parked those thoughts for a later date.

Stephanie, physio, came this afternoon and I was spared any floor exercises but we did the walking ones including a walk down the garden where I was able to show off the train shed etc, I can’t wait to be able to start in there again.

So much for the new PS4. Order acknowledged for delivery today, took money from bank, no communication no return email to my 5 emails to them, no phone number to call, money refunded no PS 4 delivered. Good job I am poorly Smyth’s toys your service is appalling, Argos to the rescue tomorrow

A message overnight from work enquiring of my well being was nice.

Avelia made a flying visit after work to sort my tea out then she was off to see Laura in a school concert, being poorly does have some benefits, I don’t have to attend…

Quick write of the blog then bed to watch United play Benfica and hopefully a more productive / positive day tomorrow


By Andrew Hill 17 Oct, 2017
A busy day on the medical front and very little else to report
Woke up nice and early, had a bath then downstairs for a cooked breakfast
Straight for a lie down in preparation for what I thought was going to be a heavy day.
10.30 off to see the Dr, first visit since hospital, she was lovely and so caring, explained again what had happened and what to expect over the coming months, went in to great detail about how it is a major life changing experience and that I am doing very well and that I will get better BUT, then as with everyone else explained the importance of time and slowing down. She was in fact amazing and she had time to listen to my concerns.
Back home for another lie down before physio with Stephanie.
I was fast a sleep when she arrived but was soon in full swing with today's torture, joking apart as previously said on this blog, these ladies know what they are doing and are excellent people.
After that a quick 30 mins rest and then a Little walk to get a prescription from the local chemist.
Back home for more rest then a nice fish tea
In between this I have ordered a Playstation 4 so I can play online against the young Hill's when I am bored

Then that was it  for the day as despite lack of content it has been a gruelling / stressful day
By Andrew Hill 16 Oct, 2017


A very decent day, got up early felt a million dollars, went downstairs had cereal with Mrs H before she went to work then went snd cut a couple of shelves for future use in the garage.A short mess about on the pc then a quick rest before a visit from Claire who set about discussing my activities of the last four days and looked at ways I could conserve more energy.

She talks so much sense and is really helping me to focus my fatigue management

It is my biggest problem by far as where before the incident I would be on my feet for 18 hours I now need 18 hours in bed

Central heating engineer came this pm and we now have a fully  functioning central heating system again.

Did numerous bits around the house and had a lie down this afternoon.

 A couple of nice messages and then up to help Laura with her CV to aid her in her job hunting.

At which point, I started to show Avelia how the new central heating controls work, when I felt a wave of severe tiredness hit me so straight to bed, at least she doesn’t know how to put the heating on yet...

Down for some tea, beans on toast, then back to bed

Not a lot to report today but tomorrow is very busy with 3 medical appointments an some potential visits as well. Bring it on.

Bye for now and stay safe in these winds.


By Andrew Hill 15 Oct, 2017
Firstly sorry I didn't post yesterday, but by the time the evening came I was well past my best.
I am however a bit confused at the number of people who liked my facebook post advising that I was not posting, is that a big hint to stop the blog now ?
Yesterday morning was great, got up made my own cooked breakfast, sorted a few household chores out and even cut a piece of mdf board, and yes this time avoided my fingers.
A nice message from our family friends John and Eleanor who are on holiday in Portugal, thanks.
Carried on trying to sort the cupboards and shelves in the utility room, then sat down to watch the football. All I can say about the match was that at least we didn't lose.
Liam came round to watch the match with me which was fantastic he even bought me a sandwich for lunch.
I spoke to Siôn in the morning as well, which was nice.
After the match Liam went home and I proceeded to fix my new Optics to the wall (picture above). This is so I can control the size of my drinks, I am listening.
After this I was extremely shattered and sickly and went to bed till Avelia arrived  home from London at 7.15 pm, which was so nice having been on my own since before breakfast.
A decent night's sleep and in the bath this morning for 8.00, still felt a bit iffy but took it slow and came down for mushrooms on toast.
Our friends son, Dom, came to cut the lawn then Avelia and I walked again to Jill & Jim's house, via the park, picture above, but this time went in for a brew and chat, spent an hour there and then we walked back, much slower and better than last time but still tiring although it was so good to see Jill, Jim and the extended family.
Avelia then shot out to get my drugs and take Laura part time job hunting in Leighton Buzzard, here's hoping she finds something soon, she would be an asset to most teams and the experience for her would be so beneficial, not to mention the money ... and my enhanced Christmas present.
Two friends came to see me this afternoon which was really nice as they were impressed with how I was as they had not seen me since the incident.
Phone calls from both Kirsty and Siôn today made me feel good.
Rested from about 4.30 to 6.30 then a nice tea cooked by Mrs H and my single whisky dispensed from the new optics.
Back for a rest and complete some paperwork prior to a visit from Claire in the morning.
Finish the blog and then bed for me
Today broke the mould, started very low but finished on a high.
I feel at last that I am making progress.
Onwards and upwards.

By Andrew Hill 13 Oct, 2017


Up at a decent time, bath no breakfast, but downstairs before 9.00 a.m., feeling good.

The printer had thrown a wobbler but easy to reset so sort that out.

Avelia goes to work and I potter and tidy my study a bit.

Just sit down and the doorbell goes it is Stephanie the physio and I have got in a mess with times as I was not expecting her till after lunch.

Today’s session is more a discussion on lifestyle past and present, and as you all know I have always led a balanced, healthy lifestyle…….,so not much use for me. In fact it was very useful especially to realise  the automatic changes I have already made.

Then a visit from Jess from work, very pleasant hour and thanks for making the effort.

Then the low point I walked to the kitchen to get some lunch and bent down to the bottom shelf of the fridge and I had a very severe nausea attack which I have not recovered from all day to the extent that the slightest movement makes me dizzy again and mid-afternoon, I was physically sick for the first time in 7 days, this has really put me on a downer.

Avelia got back from work mid-afternoon and I immediately felt secure again, the Tesco shop came, and I went to bed where I have stayed.

Liam called to say he is coming over tomorrow for a couple of hours and Kirsty called to confirm train times for her visit in 10 days, I can’t wait.

I have 3 wonderful children, although they live miles away, they care so much, they are credit to me and their mum. I so wish my mum and dad could see how they have grown up and how they conduct their lives today.

Tomorrow will be interesting Avelia is out all day, with Laura looking at Uni’s and then rehearsing  in London, and Phillip is at his Dad’s most of the day so apart from Liam’s lunchtime visit I will be on my own.

Summary for the week would be, a great week with some major steps made both physical and psychological but ended on a low which is a shame.

I hope you all have a great weekend with your loved ones and as always cherish the time.


By Andrew Hill 12 Oct, 2017


Well the day gets off to a bad start, Philip (stepson) decides to get up for a shower at 5am, who does he think he is – me, wakes me up and puts me in a grumpy mood. A discussion later in the day is going nowhere as he continues to argue the fact that this  is the time he is going to get up, very easily resolved when I suggest if that is the case he will be going to bed an hour earlier in future as he needs the same number of hours in bed, he sees the light very quickly, and I am ensured that normal service is to be resumed.

Children, one gets up very early the other won’t get up.

Had a bath and breakfast before 9am but just was not as sharp as previous days

Pottered about all morning if truth be known, feeling a bit sorry for myself, but Avelia was home all day which was very nice.

Just took notice of yesterday’s advice and had a restful day in the main.

Physio was late afternoon with Claire, she worked me hard but it was very good and I felt good

Straight after physio, I told Avelia to put her shoes on and I went for my first walk outside since the stroke.

I walked about 0.25 miles to our friend’s house, had a glass of water then straight back.

Verdict, going there great but glad Avelia was with me for safety, coming back felt like I had drunk a bottle of scotch, legs all over the place leaning from side to side, but I DID IT.

Believe me it feels great to have achieved this milestone, onwards and upwards

I was / am so tired after and we have established that with the tiredness comes the sickness, but I have managed to control this, just, which again is a great result.

Avelia was teaching this evening so a curry ready meal for me, things are getting back to normal

A few unexpected messages today, thank you.

Now this very chuffed man needs to sleep.


By Andrew Hill 11 Oct, 2017


A much better day today, mainly from a physiological point of view.

I had a 90-minute counseling session this morning on fatigue management and energy management

Then I had Two hours physio with two brilliant ladies who had me doing all sort of exercises but explained the benefit of each exercise. By the time they left they had me just about doing what young children do all day without thinking, but to me this was a great achievement, and it feels good.

These sessions have at last made me realise both, how severe the trauma has been to my body and brain and that I must accept that it will take time to get better, but if I continue to be so determined (obstinate in Mrs. H’s mind) I will make a full recovery.

We are truly blessed with some excellent dedicated health care professionals they are amazing, they know how to stretch you but they also have the gift of making you feel good / positive about yourself in these dark times.

I have also agreed to have a further counseling session to help me accept / adapt to the changes that are taking place so rapidly in my life.

This apart the day was made up of a good sleep, up for a bath then I made scrabbled egg on toast which I ate with Avelia who then went off to work and desert me till 7pm

Our friend Jill and her dad came round for a brief visit this morning which was very nice.

After the first session this morning I emptied the dishwasher, which is a difficult task with all the bending and stretching, I then went for a walk down the garden, which again brings home to me how lucky I am and what a beautiful world we live in.

I have not got much of an appetite today so not eaten well at all but I am sure I can manager my bedtime tipple.

In some respect a very dull day but for me perhaps I have just come to terms with current reality, 4 weeks on, having accepted that my goals going forward should now be much more realistic and achievable.

Early night tonight for me and thanks all for your continued support and good wishes.


By Andrew Hill 10 Oct, 2017


Difficult day today after yesterday, expectations were high.

Started off tricky with domestic friction about the usual teenager stuff,

Downstairs, breakfast a bit of dithering then a visit from 2 physio’s who put me well and truly through my paces and gave me more lectures on the virtue of time and that if I want to get better I have to be more controlled in the use of my limited energy and to SLOW DOWN.

I forgot to mention that I did get my whisky (single malt Mr L) last night and it was good, here’s hoping for tonight.

I have done little else today as I have just not felt like it and been exhausted, but still not been sick

The numbness in my face continues to improve and my blood pressure is now consistently ok, averaging  out at half of what it was when I was admitted to hospital 4 weeks ago

If I am still around after midnight tomorrow, I will be past the first milestone of not being one of the 28% that die within 4 weeks, Avelia you can now put the policies back in the filing cabinet.

Nice call from Paul, my good friend from Dwygyfylchi at lunch

Helped cook a stir fry chicken for tea. but apart from that nothing more to say today, sorry

Till tomorrow


By Andrew Hill 09 Oct, 2017


Great day today.

Woke up about 5am after a cracking sleep, realised I had no need to get up so dozed, mistake 1, missed first slot in the shower / bath queue and had to go last, still had a great bath with no help, which included washing my own hair for the first time, which is very difficult as my head is very very tender.

Then straight down for breakfast before Mrs H went to work.

All alone, so as soon as I heard her car had left it was off down the garden to the train shed to start planning what is required to get them up and running again as this is a goal I have set myself with the Physio’s when I am a little better, after about an hour back up to the house to fit a new garage lock to the up and over door, it has only needed doing for 18 months, still feel ok so empty dishwasher and tidy kitchen, this must be some reaction to the stroke as not something I would normally do.

Then mess about in the study for an hour as then Mrs H gets home from work to find me shattered sat in the conservatory.

5 mins catch up before Claire the Physio arrives to administer my hour of pain, she is brilliant but gets in tandem with Avelia to give me a hard time about pushing myself to hard and not managing my energy well, they are right but I just want to get better

After Claire left it was straight to bed as I was totally knackered

Siôn phoned in the morning to tell me that they had just found out that the baby they are expecting is a girl, so that is something to look forward to. My first grandchild

Liam phoned early evening for a general catch up and suggested popping over Saturday which again will be nice.

Kirsty sent loads more picture from her wedding, which I am so glad happened a few weeks before my incident.

Some great messages from friends old and new one special mention to Mr Sawyer for his, not seen each other for 15 years but seems like yesterday.

Need to persuade Avelia that I deserve another whisky tonight, I will let you know the outcome tomorrow.

I hope you are enjoying the trivia I droll on about, but one of the aims of the blog is a record of each day on what I hope will be my road to FULL recovery.

Just been bought my evening meal in bed but still no Whisky, I might have to start an online petition

And just to make the day complete a phone call from Kirsty who I can't wait to see in a few weeks

The real GREAT NEWS from today is I have not been sick once…..

Well that’s it from me today, I hope you have all had as good a day as I have.


By Andrew Hill 08 Oct, 2017


Saturday finished with a long chat with Siôn (younger son), where he was telling me the things he struggled with whilst recovering from his brain operation in 2010, the common issues and how he coped with them. It was a very interesting chat.

Then another of Avelia’s friends came to see me so I was well and truly blessed yesterday.

This morning I got up after a great sleep, the numbness in my face was not as severe and I felt great.

Straight downstairs and into the garden to spend 20 mins in the hot tub, I managed to get in ok if not a bit slow, and the experience was amazing and so therapeutic. Getting out was difficult with the temperature change but I coped and only felt a little woozy.

So back inside to a small, not my choice, cooked breakfast.

Then back to lie down and great visit from Avelia’s friend Jill and her son Dom

Spent the rest of the day lying down. With a phone call from my great friend Collette and a visit from another friend Jim in the afternoon

The visits, calls and messages give me so much encouragement, thank you all.

Started trawling all the websites regarding my condition are found out that 28% of people who have had the stroke I have had die in the first 4 weeks, only 4 days and I have surpassed that milestone, the next goal is only 52% survive past 3 years, I have a bit of work to be in that group, but I will do it

Then down for a gorgeous tea which Laura did the majority of work towards, and so far it has stayed down.

Then the treat of the day a small (very, by my standards) single malt, the first for four weeks, it tasted just perfect.

Now I must not get cocky and over do it, so its back to bed for me.

It feels strange that on this Sunday night I really wish I was going to work in the morning

Thanks all for your support the last week especially Avelia who is well out of her comfort zone caring for me the grumpy old git



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